Male Infertility Treatment with Microsurgery

Male Infertility Treatment with Microsurgery

Male infertility refers to the condition when a man has less chance of making his female partner pregnant. Worldwide over ten to fifteen per-cent of couples face conception problems even after years of marriage. Though women are often blamed, one-third of the problem stays with men. There may be multiple causes for infertility in men and may depend on genetics, general, health, fitness, diseases, and dietary contaminants. Hopefully, due to advances in male infertility treatment, there are treatments available that offer real help.

Urologists have developed a variety of treatment options for men with fertility problems. The microsurgical technique is one of them. It is used by urologist around the world to repair damage caused by blockages.

Male Infertility Treatment with Microsurgery

Microsurgical techniques have considerably advanced the treatment of male infertility. Over the last ten to fifteen years, technical advances and innovations have been tremendous. Infertile couples are now able to conceive naturally. Reproductive technologies are used to parent biological children.

Two of the main problems of male infertility are associated with sperm production and delivery. A man who experiences such problems should meet a urologist to enquire about a suitable treatment option. An initial evaluation by the urologist can tell whether the problem can be corrected or not. The evaluation includes an examination of medical and surgical histories. A urologist looks for any prevalent abnormalities and a semen analysis to determine the nature of the problem. Adolescent male with a varicocele and reduced testicle size may also develop this problem.

Microsurgery is capable of repairing even the smallest parts of the organ, like sperm carrying tubes, etc. It is often applied in cases of minimal or no-sperm circumstances.

Microsurgery is advisable if the couple has been trying to conceive, but fails repeatedly. The patient gets diagnosed with varicose that can be felt; sperm test and sperm analysis is also a usual practice.

Microsurgery applies to:

  • Reverse a vasectomy
  • Bypass a blockage in the epididymis
  • Cure a Varicocele. It allows testes to produce productive sperms.
  • In persons with azoospermia, microsurgery is used to conduct surgical sperm retrieval.

All the microsurgery procedures are conducted in a day. The recovery period is one week.

Male infertility is fairly common that affects many men worldwide. But, the proper consultation and treatment with an experienced urologist can help treat the problem of male infertility.

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